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The storm water management basin at the Pearson Ford Auto Dealership was designed by Williams Creek Consultants, an ecological engineering firm located in Indianapolis Indiana. The system consists of a treatment train including inlet forebays, and constructed wetland basins set in series for water quality improvement prior to discharge. The side slopes were sown to a prairie mix while the basins were planted with a diversity of emergent plugs.
One of the challenges of this site was the relatively small area available for the BMP. This challenge was overcome by designing narrow berms that separate the constructed wetlands, creating a long circuitous path for the storm water which maximizes the time of concentration. Another challenge was working with officials in two counties with differing storm water guidelines as the development site lies within Hamilton County and the storm water management basin lies in Boone County.
Installed in early 2007 by Williams Creek Management Corporation, emergent plants such as Arrowhead, Pickerel Weed and Soft-Stem Bulrush have thrived and are growing robustly within the BMP. The prairie on the side slopes has germinated well and will mature in the next couple of years.

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