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Asclepias tuberosa (Butterflyweed)

Latin Name: Asclepias tuberosa

Common Name: Butterflyweed

Communities: Dry Prairie

PlantTypes: Forb

Sun: Sun

Height: 1-2 Ft

Color: Orange

Flower Season: June-July

Seed Cost per Ounce: $38.00

Seed Cost per Pound: $570.00

USDA: Asclepias tuberosa

Notes: Asclepias tuberosa or commonly known as Butterflyweed, as its name indicates, this resident of well-drained prairies is very attractive to butterflies. Clusters of vivid orange flowers appear from June through August. Requires excellent drainage and full sun. Breaks dormancy late.

Asclepias tuberosaAsclepias tuberosa
Asclepias tuberosa

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