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Prairie Seed Installation


If you are interested in implementing Prairie Seed please download our AIA-USA construction document formatted specifications



Installation of prairie seed is the economical choice for establishment of large areas of prairie. With careful site preparation and follow-up maintenance, an attractive prairie may be established in 3 to 5 years.  The prairie will continue to evolve over many more years as the species sort to their respective niches.  These installations are not only attractive, they provide valuable grassland habitat, help infiltrate stormwater, and conserve topsoil.


 Installation and Maintenance of Native Prairie Seed

  • Preferred method to establish large areas of prairie
  • Site preparation is crucial – all weeds and existing vegetation must be eliminated
  • Installation may be performed in late fall –early winter (dormant) or spring
  • Do not sow in late summer to mid fall – prairie seedlings will not establish before winter
  • Mowing is crucial during the establishment period, particularly  the first growing season
  • Prairie matures in 3 to 5 years although some species may flower the second growing season
First Year Prairie - Click to Enlarge Second Year Prairie - Click to Enlarge Third Year Prairie - Click to Enlarge Mature Prairie - Click to Enlarge
First Year Prairie
Second Year Prairie
Third Year Prairie
Mature Prairie
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