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Native Plugs


If you are interested in a Prairie Plug Installation please download our AIA-USA construction document formatted specifications



Container grown prairie plants are an excellent way to establish prairie in high visibility areas. Establishment of small prairie plantings for educational purposes at schools, museums, or parks is best accomplished through the installation of plugs. The use of established plants bypasses the unattractive appearance of a first-year seed installation, with many species flowering the first season if installed in the spring.  Further, these installations usually give the appearance of a mature prairie during the second growing season.

  • Excellent method to establish prairie in high visability areas
  • Kill or remove existing vegetation
  • Utilize leaf compost as mulch
  • Plant 1/3 grasses and 2/3 wildflowers
  • Matures in 1 year as opposed to the 3-5 years required for seeding
  • Excellent for schools and other educational products
Prairie Plug Installation
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