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Common NameLatin NameImageCommunitiesPlant TypesSunSpacingHeightColorFlower SeasonSoilSeed Cost / ozSeed Cost / lb
Actinomeris alternifoliaWet Mesic WoodsForbPsun-shade4-7 FtYellowJuly-Sept18.00270.00
White Snakeroot
Ageratina altissima (Eupatorium rugosum)Mesic WoodsForbPsun-shade2-4 FtWhiteSept42.00630.00
Water Plantain
Alisma subcordatumSedge Meadow, Wet PrairieForbSun1-2 FtWhiteJune-Sept16.00256.00
Nodding Wild Onion
Allium cernuumDry Woods, Mesic Prairie, Mesic SavannaForbSun-psun1-2 FtPinkJuly-Aug19.00285.00
Amorpha canescensDry Prairie, Mesic Prairie, Mesic SavannaWoody PlantSun-psun1-3 FtPurpleJune-July12.50187.50
Big Bluestem
Andropogon gerardiiMesic Prairie, Wet Mesic PrairieGraminoidSun5-8 FtCoarseJuly-Aug1.1315.00
Angelica atropurpureaSedge MeadowForbSun-psun5-8 FtWhiteJune12.00180.00
Aquilegia canadensisDry Savanna, Dry WoodsForbPsun-shade2-3 FtOrange/yellowMay-June62.00930.00
Marsh Milkweed
Asclepias incarnataBioretention, Sedge Meadow, Wet PrairieForbSun3-4 FtPinkJuly-Aug32.00480.00
Sullivants Milkweed
Asclepias sullivantiiMesic Prairie, Wet Mesic PrairieForbSun3-4 ftJuly - August75.001125.00
Common Milkweed
Asclepias syriacaDry Prairie, Mesic Prairie, Wet Mesic PrairieForbSun2-6 FtPink - Purple RedJune - Aug20.00300.00
Asclepias tuberosaDry PrairieForbSun1-2 FtOrangeJune-July38.00570.00
White False Indigo
Baptisia alba (Baptisia leucantha)Dry Prairie, Dry Savanna, Mesic PrairieForbSun-psun3-4 FtWhiteJune-July21.00315.00
Blue False Indigo
Baptisia australisWet Mesic PrairieForbSun-psun2-4 FtBlueMay-June17.00255.00
Cream False Indigo
Baptisia bracteata (Baptisia leucophaea)Dry Prairie, Mesic PrairieForbSun-Psun1 ftCreamMay100.001500.00
Nodding Bur-Marigold
Bidens cernuaSedge Meadow, Wet PrairieForbSun1-2 FtYellowAug - Sept31.00465.00
Hairy Wood Mint
Blephilia hirsutaMesic WoodsForbShade1-3 FtWhiteJuly-Aug75.001125.00
River Bulrush
Bolboschoenus fluviatilis (Scirpus fluviatilis)Shallow WaterGraminoidSun3-7 FtCoarseMay-June17.50280.00
False Aster
Boltonia latisquamaSedge MeadowForbSun3-6 FtWhiteAug-Sept13.00195.00
Side-Oats Grama
Bouteloua curtipendulaDry Prairie, Dry SavannaGraminoidSun1-3 FtMediumJuly-Aug1.6326.00
Sand Reed
Calamovilfa longifolia var magnaDry Prairie, Dry Savanna, Dry WoodsGraminoidSun4-6 FtCoarseJuly-Aug16.50247.50
Yellow Fox Sedge
Carex annectens var xanthocarpaBioretention, Sedge Meadow, Wet Mesic PrairieGraminoidSun2-3ftFineMay-June22.00330.00
Prairie Oval Sedge
Carex bicknelliiDry Prairie, Mesic PrairieGraminoidSun1-2 FtFineMay22.00330.00
Plains Oval Sedge
Carex breviorDry PrairieGraminoidSun1-2 FtMediumMay-June13.00195.00
Bracted Oak Sedge
Carex cephalophoraDry Woods, Mesic WoodsGraminoidPsun, Shade1 ftGreenMay82.501320.00
Bristly Sedge
Carex comosaSedge MeadowGraminoidSun1-3 FtCoarseJune-July21.00315.00
Fringed Sedge
Carex crinitaSedge MeadowGraminoidSun-shade2-4 FtMediumMay-June21.25340.00
Crested Sedge
Carex cristatellaSedge MeadowGraminoidSun-psun2-3 FtFineMay-June44.00660.00
Franks Sedge
Carex frankiiBioretention, Sedge Meadow, Wet Mesic WoodsGraminoidSun-Shade1-2 ftJune-July30.00450.00
Graceful Wood Sedge
Carex gracillimaMesic WoodsGraminoidShade1-2 FtMediumMay88.001320.00
Meadow Sedge
Carex granularisBioretention, Sedge Meadow, Wet Mesic WoodsGraminoidSun-shade1-2 FtMediumMay-June13.00195.00
Burr Sedge
Carex grayiBioretention, Wet Mesic WoodsGraminoidPsun-shade1-2 FtMediumMay-June35.00525.00
Porcupine Sedge
Carex hystericinaSedge Meadow, Wet Mesic PrairieGraminoidSun1-2 FtMediumMay-June22.00330.00
Hop Sedge
Carex lupulinaWet WoodsGraminoidPsun-shade1-2 FtMediumMay-June17.00255.00
Lurid Sedge
Carex luridaSedge MeadowGraminoidSun-psun1-2 FtMediumMay-June17.00255.00
Field Oval Sedge
Carex molestaSedge MeadowGraminoidSun-psun2 FtMediumMay-June24.00360.00
Sand Bracted Sedge
Carex muhlenbergiiDry Prairie, Dry SavannaGraminoidSun-psun1-2 FtFineMay-June30.00450.00
Palm Sedge
Carex muskingumensisBioretention, Wet Mesic Woods, Wet WoodsGraminoidShade1-2 FtFineMay-June44.00660.00
Spreading Oval Sedge
Carex normalisMesic Woods, Wet Mesic WoodsGraminoidPsun-shade1-3 FtMediumMay-June44.00704.00
Lance-Fruited Oval Sedge
Carex scopariaSedge Meadow, Wet Mesic PrairieGraminoidSun2-3 FtMediumMay22.00330.00
Shorts Sedge
Carex shortianaSedge Meadow, Wet Mesic WoodsGraminoidSun-Psun2-3 ftMay28.00448.00
Burreed Sedge
Carex sparganioidesMesic WoodsGraminoidPsun-shade1-2 FtFineMay55.00825.00
Narrow-Leaved Cattail Sedge
Carex squarrosaSedge Meadow, Wet WoodsGraminoidPsun-shade1-2 FtMediumMay44.00660.00
Awl-Fruited Sedge
Carex stipataSedge MeadowGraminoidSun-shade2-3 FtMediumMay26.00416.00
Tussock Sedge
Carex strictaSedge MeadowGraminoidSun-psun2 FtFineMay90.001350.00
Pointed Oval Sedge
Carex tribuloidesSedge Meadow, Wet WoodsGraminoidSun-shade2-3 FtMediumMay42.00630.00
Fox Sedge
Carex vulpinoideaBioretention, Sedge Meadow, Wet Mesic PrairieGraminoidSun-psun2-3 FtFineMay-June10.00150.00
New Jersey Tea
Ceanothus americanusDry Prairie, Mesic Prairie, Mesic SavannaWoody PlantSun-psun1-3 FtWhiteJune-July21.00315.00
Northern Sea Oats
Chasmanthium latifoliumMesic WoodsGraminoidPsun-shade2-3 FtMediumJuly-Aug13.00195.00
Common Wood Reed
Cinna arundinaceaWet Mesic WoodsGraminoidShade3-5 FtMediumAug-Sept33.00495.00

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