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Common NameLatin NameImageCommunitiesPlant TypesSunSpacingHeightColorFlower SeasonSoilSeed Cost / ozSeed Cost / lb
Brome Hummock SedgeCarex bromoidesWet Woods, Sedge Meadow, BioretentionGraminoidPsun-shade1-2 FtFineMayNANA
Hop SedgeCarex lupulinaWet WoodsGraminoidPsun-shade1-2 FtMediumMay-June17.00255.00
Palm SedgeCarex muskingumensisBioretention, Wet Mesic Woods, Wet WoodsGraminoidShade1-2 FtFineMay-June44.00660.00
Narrow-Leaved Cattail SedgeCarex squarrosaSedge Meadow, Wet WoodsGraminoidPsun-shade1-2 FtMediumMay44.00660.00
Pointed Oval SedgeCarex tribuloidesSedge Meadow, Wet WoodsGraminoidSun-shade2-3 FtMediumMay42.00630.00
ButtonbushCephalanthus occidentalisSedge Meadow, Wet WoodsWoody PlantSun-shade6-10 FtWhiteJune-AugNANA
Fowl Manna GrassGlyceria striataSedge Meadow, Wet WoodsGraminoidSun-shade2-4 FtMediumMay-June27.00405.00
SpicebushLindera benzoinMesic Woods, Wet Mesic Woods, Wet WoodsForbPsun-Shade4-8ftYellowAprilNANA
Cardinal FlowerLobelia cardinalisBioretention, Sedge Meadow, Wet WoodsForbSun-shade1-3 FtRedAug-Sept90.001350.00
Great Blue LobeliaLobelia siphiliticaBioretention, Sedge Meadow, Wet WoodsForbSun-shade1-3 FtBlueAug-Sept51.00765.00
Golden RagwortPackera aurea (Senecio aureas)Bioretention, Sedge Meadow, Wet WoodsForbPsun-sun1 FtYellowMayNANA

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