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Common NameLatin NameImageCommunitiesPlant TypesSunSpacingHeightColorFlower SeasonSoilSeed Cost / ozSeed Cost / lb
ColumbineAquilegia canadensisDry Savanna, Dry WoodsForbPsun-shade2-3 FtOrange/yellowMay-June62.00930.00
White False IndigoBaptisia alba (Baptisia leucantha)Dry Prairie, Dry Savanna, Mesic PrairieForbSun-psun3-4 FtWhiteJune-July21.00315.00
Side-Oats GramaBouteloua curtipendulaDry Prairie, Dry SavannaGraminoidSun1-3 FtMediumJuly-Aug1.6326.00
Sand ReedCalamovilfa longifolia var magnaDry Prairie, Dry Savanna, Dry WoodsGraminoidSun4-6 FtCoarseJuly-Aug16.50247.50
Sand Bracted SedgeCarex muhlenbergiiDry Prairie, Dry SavannaGraminoidSun-psun1-2 FtFineMay-June30.00450.00
June GrassKoeleria cristataDry Prairie, Dry SavannaGraminoidSun-psun1-2 FtFineMay-June16.00256.00
Rough Blazing StarLiatris asperaDry Prairie, Dry Savanna, Mesic Prairie, Mesic SavannaForbSun1-3 FtPurpleAug-Sept56.00840.00
Savanna Blazing StarLiatris scariosa nieuwlandiiDry Savanna, Mesic Prairie, Mesic SavannaForbSun-psun2-3 FtPurpleAug-Sept52.00832.00
Wild QuinineParthenium integrifoliumDry Savanna, Mesic Prairie, Mesic SavannaForbSun-psun2-3 FtWhiteJuly-Aug16.00240.00
Hairy PenstemonPenstemon hirsutusDry Prairie, Dry Savanna, Mesic Prairie, Mesic SavannaForbSun-psun1-2 FtPurpleMay-June27.00405.00
Little BluestemSchizachyrium scopariumBioretention, Dry Prairie, Dry Savanna, Mesic Prairie, Mesic SavannaGraminoidSun2-3 FtMediumAug-Sept1.7520.00
Early GoldenrodSolidago junceaDry Prairie, Dry Savanna, Mesic PrairieForbSun1-2 FtYellowJuly-Aug60.00900.00
Gray GoldenrodSolidago nemoralisDry Prairie, Dry Savanna, Mesic PrairieForbSun1-2 FtYellowSept-Oct31.00465.00
Showy GoldenrodSolidago speciosaDry Prairie, Dry Savanna, Mesic Prairie, Mesic Savanna, Sedge MeadowForbSun-psun1-3 FtYellowSept-Oct44.00660.00
Smooth AsterSymphyotrichum laeve (Aster laevis)Dry Savanna, Mesic PrairieForbSun-psun3-5 FtBlueSept-Oct42.00630.00
Side-Flowering AsterSymphyotrichum lateriflorum (Aster lateriflorus)Dry Savanna, Mesic Woods, Wet Mesic WoodsForbShade1-3 FtWhiteSept-Oct57.00855.00

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