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Vegetated Swale Lake Edge Enhancement Rain Gardens Storm Water Treatment Forested Wetland
Vegetated Swale

Swales provide an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to curb and gutter.


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Lake Edge Enhancement

Attractive, environmentally friendly solution for problematic shoreline areas.

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Rain Gardens

Shallow basins that capture and treat stormwater runoff using soil and vegetaion.

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Stormwater Wetland

These wetlands provide a low maintenance solution to dirty storm water run-off.

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Forested Wetland

Provides a native understory to aid in succession as new trees mature.

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Native Plant Plug Plants Prairie Seed Seeds source identified seed
Native Plugs

Plugs are an excellent method for establishing native plants.

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Plants from us have rapid establishment and much improved survival.

Prairie Seed Install

This installation is the preferred method to establish large areas of prairie.

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Our nursery is now producing over 140 species of woodland, wetland, and prairie seeds.

Welcome to Spence Nursery

At Spence Restoration Nursery, we continue to expand our availability of native plants and seeds to better meet our customers’ needs. Our plants are well known for their exceptional performance in the field. They are grown in 2 3/8” square by 3 ¾” deep open bottomed pots, ensuring a large, vigorous root system. We continue to maintain an inventory of over one half million plants available for prompt shipment. Read more about us >>

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