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Spence Restoration Nursery is a wholesale producer of midwest native herbaceous plugs and seeds of Ohio Valley and Great Lakes origins. We produce around 180 species of native plugs for wetland, prairie, and woodland understory situations. Our seed nursery consists of 5 properties totaling around 240 acres and includes nearly 140 species. Our plugs and seeds are source identified by the Indiana Crop Improvement Association through their Yellow Tag source identification program. 


Our native plants are well known for their exceptional performance in the field. They are grown in 2 3/8” square by 3 ¾” deep open bottomed pots, ensuring a large, vigorous root system. We continue to maintain an inventory of over one half million plants available for prompt shipment.


In 1998 we purchased our first tract of land for seed production. Today we have around 240 acres in native seed production of native grasses, sedges, rushes, and wildflowers. Our seed productions properties include wetlands, wooded areas, as well as, clay, loam and sandy soils, ensuring our ability to produce species for a variety of midwest habitats. Our seed nursery has been established from seed collected from prairie, wetland, and woodland remnants across northern and central Indiana. Many of our foundation collections for our prairie species were made in northwest Indiana, making these seeds highly appropriate for restoration in the Chicagoland region of the midwest. We maintain detailed records of the origins of all of our seeds and will be happy to share them with our customers.


We pioneered the production of Source Identified Local Genotype seed in the state of Indiana. We worked with the Indiana Crop Improvement Association, the official seed regulatory agency in Indiana, to bring the first Yellow Tag Certified, Source Identified Local Genotype seed to market. These tags assure that our seed is produced from foundation collections originating from Indiana remnant native plant communities.

We work with our clients including to ensure that projects we supply are installed and maintained to maximize success. Our 17 years of experience allows us to advise our clients on key issues such as site preparation, installation methods and timing, and proper post-planting maintenance.


We have the experience and knowledge to custom design a seed mix for your site based on geology, soil, and desired plant community. We often work with park departments and land trusts to develop a seed mix to replicate presettlement plant communities based on local remnants and botanical records.


Please Contact Us if we can help you with such a product. We appreciate the opportunity to help you utilize our products to enhance the quality of life in your community.








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