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Basic Prairie Mix

Bioswale Seed Mix

Diverse Prairie Mix

Dry Situation Conservation Seed Mix

Early Successional Wetland Mix

Emergent Wetland Mix

Forested Wetland Mix

Low Stature Prairie Mix

Mesic Conservation Seed Mix

Mesic Pollinator Mix

Mesic Prairie Mix

Sedge Meadow Seed Mix

Soil Stabilization Mix

Upland Woodland Mix

Wet Mesic Prairie Mix

Wet Situation Conservation Seed Mix

Wet Tolerant Low Stature

We have developed the following seed mixes for restoration of native plant communities in natural and landscape settings. Our mixes are widely adapted to variety of soil conditions in the southern Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. 
These mixes are composed of seeds of known genotype produced here at our seed nursery. When we need to purchase seeds to complete a mix, we locate seed with an origin as close to the installation site as possible. If a species in unavailable we will substitute an appropriate similar species. All of our mixes contain all of the species listed or an appropriate substitute, so rest assured that the diversity that you paid for is the diversity that you will receive.

Seed Mix Prices   

Mixes  PLS lbs Graminoids per acre  PLS lbs
per acre 
Acre   1/2 Acre 1/4 Acre
Basic Prairie Mix 7 1.5    $646    $390    $309
Bioswale Seed Mix  7 1.75  $1,555    $969    $677
Diverse Prairie Mix 8 $2,743 $1,708 $1,190
Early Successional Wetland 6 1.5 $1,338    $837    $587
Emergent Wetland Mix  1.5 $1,757  $1,053    $700
Forested Wetland Mix 6 1.5 $1,576    $956    $646
Low Stature Prairie Mix 8 $2,099 $1,277    $867
Mesic Pollinator Mix  4.4 4 $1,687 $1,030    $701
Mesic Prairie Mix 7   $1,598 $1,009    $714
Sedge Meadow Mix 5.4  2.1 $1,789 $1,146    $825
Soil Stabilization Mix  13 none  $486    $303     $211
Upland Woodland Mix 6 1 $1,672    $938    $571
Wet Mesic Mix 7 $1,739 $1,074    $741
Wet Tolerant Low Stature  7 $2,228 $1,312    $854

        *Prices are subject to change. 

If one of our mixes does not meet your restoration goals, we will be happy to custom design a seed mix for your site. Contact for assistance. 

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