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Common NameLatin NameImageCommunitiesPlant TypesSunSpacingHeightColorFlower SeasonSoilSeed Cost / ozSeed Cost / lb
Water PlantainAlisma subcordatumSedge Meadow, Wet PrairieForbSun1-2 FtWhiteJune-Sept16.00256.00
Marsh MilkweedAsclepias incarnataBioretention, Sedge Meadow, Wet PrairieForbSun3-4 FtPinkJuly-Aug32.00480.00
Nodding Bur-MarigoldBidens cernuaSedge Meadow, Wet PrairieForbSun1-2 FtYellowAug - Sept31.00465.00
Blue-Joint GrassCalamagrostis canadensisSedge Meadow, Wet PrairieGraminoidSun2-4 FtMediumJune-JulyNANA
Flat-Topped AsterDoellingeria umbellata (Aster umbellatus)Bioretention, Sedge Meadow, Wet PrairieForbSun3-5 FtWhiteSept-Oct50.00750.00
BonesetEupatorium perfoliatumBioretention, Sedge Meadow, Wet PrairieForbSun3-5 FtWhiteAug-Sept42.00630.00
Bottle GentainGentiana andrewsiiBioretention, Sedge Meadow, Wet Mesic Prairie, Wet PrairieForbSun1-2 FtBlueSept-Oct124.001860.00
Autumn SneezeweedHelenium autumnaleBioretention, Sedge Meadow, Wet PrairieForbSun-psun3-5 FtYellowSept-Oct20.00300.00
Obedient PlantPhysostegia virginianaSedge Meadow, Wet Mesic Prairie, Wet PrairieForbSun2-4 FtPinkAug-Sept42.00630.00
Common Mountain MintPycnanthemum virginianumBioretention, Mesic Prairie, Sedge Meadow, Wet PrairieForbSun1-2 FtWhiteJuly-Aug45.00675.00
Wild SennaSenna hebecarpa (Cassia hebecarpa)Sedge Meadow, Wet PrairieForbSun-psun3-5 FtYellowJuly-Aug7.00105.00
Prairie CordgrassSpartina pectinataSedge Meadow, Wet Mesic Prairie, Wet PrairieGraminoidSun4-7 FtCoarseJuly-Aug16.00240.00
Shining AsterSymphyotrichum firmum (Aster firmus)Bioretention, Sedge Meadow, Wet PrairieForbSun3-4 FtLavenderSept-Oct54.00810.00
Panicled AsterSymphyotrichum lanceolatum (Aster simplex)Sedge Meadow, Wet Mesic Prairie, Wet Mesic Woods, Wet PrairieForbSun-psun3-5 FtWhiteSept-Oct38.00570.00
New England AsterSymphyotrichum novae-angliae (Aster novae-angliae)Bioretention, Mesic Prairie, Sedge Meadow, Wet Mesic Prairie, Wet PrairieForbSun3-5 FtPurpleSept-Oct47.00705.00

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