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Common NameLatin NameImageCommunitiesPlant TypesSunSpacingHeightColorFlower SeasonSoilSeed Cost / ozSeed Cost / lb
River BulrushBolboschoenus fluviatilis (Scirpus fluviatilis)Shallow WaterGraminoidSun3-7 FtCoarseMay-June17.50280.00
Lake SedgeCarex lacustrisSedge Meadow, Shallow Water EmergentGraminoidSun-shade2-4 FtCoarseMayNANA
Swamp LoosestrifeDecodon verticillatusShallow WaterForbSun3-4 ftPinkJuly-AugNANA
Creeping Spike-RushEleocharis erythropodaSedge Meadow, Shallow WaterGraminoidSun1-2 FtFineMay-July35.00525.00
Soft RushJuncus effususShallow WaterGraminoidSun-psun2-4 FtMediumMay-June31.00465.00
Arrow ArumPeltandra virginicaShallow Water EmergentForbSun2-3 FtGreenJune-JulyNANA
Pickerel WeedPontederia cordataShallow Water EmergentForbSun2-3 FtBlueJuly-SeptNANA
Common ArrowheadSagittaria latifoliaShallow Water EmergentForbSun1-3 FtWhiteJuly-SeptNANA
Lizards TailSaururus cernuusSedge Meadow, Shallow WaterForbSun-Shade1-2 ftWhiteJune-JulyNANA
Giant BurreedSparganium eurycarpumShallow WaterForbSun3-6 FtGreenJune-July6.0090.00

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