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Common NameLatin NameImageCommunitiesPlant TypesSunSpacingHeightColorFlower SeasonSoilSeed Cost / ozSeed Cost / lb
Nodding Wild OnionAllium cernuumDry Woods, Mesic Prairie, Mesic SavannaForbSun-psun1-2 FtPinkJuly-Aug19.00285.00
ColumbineAquilegia canadensisDry Savanna, Dry WoodsForbPsun-shade2-3 FtOrange/yellowMay-June62.00930.00
Woodland BromeBromus pubescensDry Woods, Mesic WoodsGraminoidPsun-shade1-3 FtMediumJune-JulyNANA
Sand ReedCalamovilfa longifolia var magnaDry Prairie, Dry Savanna, Dry WoodsGraminoidSun4-6 FtCoarseJuly-Aug16.50247.50
Bracted Oak SedgeCarex cephalophoraDry Woods, Mesic WoodsGraminoidPsun, Shade1 ftGreenMay82.501320.00
Common Oak SedgeCarex pensylvanicaDry WoodsGraminoid6 inMayNANA
Purple ConeflowerEchinacea purpureaBioretention, Dry Woods, Mesic Prairie, Mesic SavannaForbSun-psun3-4 FtPinkJune-Aug10.00150.00
Round-Leaf RagwortPackera obovata (Senecio obovatus)Dry Woods, Mesic WoodsForbPsun-Shade1ftYellowApril-MayNANA
Downy ScullcapScutellaria incanaDry Woods, Mesic WoodsForbshade - partial sun2 ftJune - JulyNANA
Blue-stemmed GoldenrodSolidago caesiaDry Woods, Mesic WoodsForbShade1-2 FtYellowSept-Oct75.001125.00

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